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Web Content Marketing Strategy Resource Bubbles

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's Content Marketing Strategy bubble. Here you will find that no matter what your skill level, our Shaw Content Marketing bubbles will offer a wealth of resources to spike your interest and guide your learning experience.


      At Shaw Website Design Group, we hope what we have gathered allows you to float your curiosity and inflate your knowledge about Content Marketing.

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Want to Learn about Web Content Marketing Strategies?

    There are many rules to remember when dealing with content strategy. I thought we would focus on three that I believe are the most critical to a successful design.

    To begin with, when you’re trying to form a message online you must remember that your audience is one click away from dismissing your point forever. Writing poor content that is self-absorbed will turn off your readership sooner or later. You can have the greatest product in the world but if you build a foundation using the same old churned up mission statement that never addresses the reader, you will hear crickets.

   Secondly, if you write needless content that muddles the message you are going to you’re your readers. Remember to focus on what is relevant and always prove your point using demonstrations, reference material and statistics.

   Last but not least, keep your content relevant and never publish without a support plan. When your old content becomes out of date remove it and when added information comes to light update it.

  The following Content Marketing Resources have been gathered from around the web and will be periodically updated.

Shaw Website Design Group Web Content Strategy Resource Bubbles

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Written by | Date : 2013-06-19 | Edu : Marketing

Content for the Real World - Biola U

Drupalcon Keynote Video - Karen McGrane

Video's : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

Videos Content Marketing Strategy  image
Video's Content Marketing Strategy
  • Generating Revenue Through Quality Content : Groove Commerce
  • How to Derive Insight from your Social Media Data : dreamforce
  • Content Strategy for Social Media : Regalix Inc
  • Level Up Your Content Marketing : Youtube
  • Incorporating Video Content Into a Marketing Strategy : Youtube

Websites : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

websites Content Marketing Strategy image
Websites Content Marketing Strategy

Tutorials : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

tutorials  Content Marketing Strategy image
Tutorials : Content Marketing Strategy

Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

 Ebooks and Guides :Content Marketing Strategy image
eBooks and Guides : Content Marketing Strategy

Assorted Musings : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

assorted-musing Content Marketing Strategy-image
Assorted Musings Content Marketing Strategy

Pinterest : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

Pinterest  Content Marketing Strategy image
Pinterest : Content Marketing Strategy

Blogs : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

blogs Content Marketing Strategy image
Blogs : Content Marketing Strategy

Solid Online Content Marketing : Toprank

Smarter Content Marketing : Copyblogger

Marketing and Research Strategies : Web Ink Now

Insights, Ideas and Interaction : Logic+Emotion

Public Relations and Marketing : PR 20/20

Helping Leaders Leverage Influence : Micheal Hyatt

Slideshare : Content Marketing Strategy Bubble

slideshare  Content Marketing Strategy image
Slideshare Content Marketing Strategy


Always keep in mind the Five W’s and an lone H rule, They will never let you down.

  • Why – Why are you creating this project?
  • What – What is the clear message you want to project?
  • Who – Who precisely is the target audience?
  • Where – Where will this project be seen {device, context and location}?
  • How – How can you best structure and present the content?
  • When – When should you publish this?


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