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JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's JavaScript programming Language bubble. Here you will find that no matter what your skill level, our Javascript bubbles will provide a wealth of information to help guide your learning experience.


need to learn about javascript? You came to the right place
Learning Javascript is Easy Using Shaw's Resource Bubbles

     First of all we need to set the record straight. JavaScript is not a scripted version of Java, plain and simple. JavaScript is also not a compiled language but works as an interpreted language. What this means is that as the browser executes each line of JavaScript code, it forwards the information to an interpreter. The interpreter then converts the JavaScript to machine code on which it understands. This conversion process only happens once, at the time the code is run. If something need to be changed the page will need to be reloaded again.


     JavaScript works in most web browsers, including the four largest ones: Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. All that is required is for you to provide a scripting block. You can place JavaScript blocks in the web page’s head element, which makes it easier to find, or if you are concerned about a performance issue you can place blocks in the web page’s body element as well.


     Due to the fact that JavaScript is becoming more complex and object-oriented (OO), the JavaScript objects created need to be reusable so that many applications can share in their functionality. This process entails the creation of separate script files, or pages, that can store the objects developed for re-use. With this compartmentalization, a library can be developed allowing each webpage to simply link up to a specific JavaScript file that it requires. This cuts down greatly on load times by removing redundancy.


    The following Shaw Website Design - JavaScript Programming Language Bubbles have been gathered from around the web and will be periodically updated.


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Javascript Learning Resource Bubble

Genre : Programming

Publisher : Shaw Website Design Group

Learn more about Javascript programming using Resource Bubbles

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Angelina Fabbro : JavaScript Masterclass
Fast Apps with JavaScript : Channel 9

Video's : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Video's JavaScript Programming image
Video's JavaScript Programming
  • Paul Irish, "JavaScript Authoring Tooling" : OreillyMedia 
  • Grunt JavaScript Automation for the Lazy Developer : NewCircle
  • Getting Started with Node.js : YouTube
  • Learn Knockout.js Basics : Youtube
  • Introduction to Backbone.js : Nick Gauthier
  • Meteor Channel : Youtube
  • JSON for Beginners 1 - Learn how to Program : YouTube
  • JSon for Beginners 2  -Ajax & Javascript : YouTube


Websites : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Websites JavaScript Programming image
Websites JavaScript Programming

Tutorials : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Tutorials JavaScript Programming image
Tutorials JavaScript Programming












Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : JavaScript Programming Bubble

Ebooks and Guides JavaScript Programming image
Ebooks and Guides : JavaScript Programming

Assorted Musings : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Assorted Musings JavaScript Programming image
Assorted Musing : JavaScript Programming
  • The best sites, only accessible to some : Sigh, JavaScript
  • Learning JavaScript - Up to Speed in no Time : Eric Elliot
  • JavaScript : Reddit
  • Microsoft Launches Node.js for Visual Studio : TechCrunch
  • 9 Ways to Optimize your Front End Performance: TechPro


Pinterest : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Pinterest JavaScript Programming image
Pinterest : JavaScript Programming

App's and Utilites : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

App's and Utilities JavaScript Programming image
App's and Utilities : JavaScript Programming




  • A better way to build apps - Open Sourced :  Meteor
  • Meteorite package manager : GitHub

Framework Libraries : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Framework Libraries : JavaScript Programming image
Framework Libraries : JavaScript Programming
  • Providing a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library : jQuery
  • Founded of Web Applications : Prototype
  • Compact, Modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript Framework : MooTools
  • JavaScript feature detection Library : Modernizr
  • JavaScript Testing Unit Framework  : QUint
  • Using Atomic Design to put you in Control : Cascade Framework
  • An open source Ajax framework : Spry Framework
  • Json Framework : GitHub

Blogs : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

Blogs JavaScript Programming
Blogs : JavaScript Programming




Slideshare : JavaScript Programming Language Bubble

slideshare JavaScript Programming image
Slideshare JavaScript Programming


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