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WordPress Development

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Need a great Wordpress Template developed? Plug into Shaw Website Design


Shaw Website Design Group Excels at WordPress


''The Web is the best and biggest soapbox, marketplace, and meeting spot ever created.''

But there's a problem. If you want a website that's taken seriously, you need first-rate content, a dash of good style, and the functionality that ties everything together. The first two items require some hard work which you might be able to do yourself, if you have the time. but the third element—the industrialstrength web plumbing that powers your site—is a whole lot trickier. If you overlook that you could end up with a broken mess of pages that even your mom can't love. Wordpress and Shaw can help prevent the time you might waste trying to fix problems with a poor design.

The services that WordPress provides are no small potatoes...


First, WordPress puts every page of your content into a nicely formatted, consistent layout. It It provides the links and menus that help visitors get around, and the search box that lets people dig through your archives.


WordPress also lets your readers add comments with their Facebook or Twitter identities, so they don't need to create a new account on your site. And if you add a few community-created plug-ins (from the vast library that currently tops 20,000 items), there's no limit to the challenges you can tackle.


Selling products? Check. Setting up a membership site? No problem. Building forums and collaborative workspaces? There's a plug-in for that, too. And while it's true that WordPress isn't the best tool for everytype of website, it's also true that wherever you find a gap in the WordPress framework, you'll find some sort of plug-in that attempts to fill it


WordPress is stunningly popular, too—it's responsible for roughly one-sixth of the world's websites and one out of every five new sites runs on WordPress, so you're in good company


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Shaw Designs Wordpress Templates that Work