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Java Programming Language Bubble

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's Java programming Language Bubble. No matter what your skill level, Shaw has a wide selection of Java programming bubbles that offer up a wealth of resources to seize your interest and guide your learning experience.


Learning about Java Programming is a snap when you use Shaw's resource bubbles.
Learn Using Shaw's Java Programming Language Bubbles

     James Gosling, back in 1991, led a team at Sun Microsystems that developed the first version of Java. One of the stories behind the name is that during a never ending meeting about what to actually call the program, they went out for coffee and it was there they had a eureka moment.


     Java is considered a general-purpose object orientated programming language that is a good fit for most applications, whether it accesses the Internet or not. Object orientated programming is a programming methodology that uses objects that interact with each other by means of actions.


     The actions that an object can take are called methods. Objects of the same type are said to be in the same class.  All objects within a class have the same methods. Thus, in a simulation program, all airplanes have the same methods (or possible actions), such as taking off, flying to a specific location, landing, and so forth.


    The following Shaw Website Design - Java Programming Language Resource Bubbles have been gathered from around the web and will be periodically updated.


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Java Learning Resource Bubble| Edu : Learning Java

Publisher : Shaw Website Design Group | Genre : Programming | Date : 2013-12-12| Location : Calgary

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Learn more about Java programming using Learning Resource Bubbles


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Java Programming - Step by Step : Patrick
Java graphics and animation Build

Video's : Java Programming Language Bubble

Video's Java Programming image
Video's Java Programming
  • James Gosling at NetBeans Day 2013 : The Java Source
  • Java Graphic Functions : Youtube
  • Java Programming Methodology Part 1 of 28 (Stanford): Youtube
  • Secure Coding Guidelines for Java  : Youtube
  • Oracles's Java One Conference : 2013 Sessions
  • HTML Testing in all Browsers Using Java : Youtube

Websites : Java Programming Language Bubble

Websites Java Programming image
Websites Java Programming


Tutorials : Java Programming Language Bubble

Tutorials Java Programming image
Tutorials Java Programming

Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : Java Programming Bubble

eBooks & Guides Java Programming image
eBooks & Guides : Java Programming

Assorted Musings : Java Programming Language Bubble

Assorted Musings Java Programming image
Assorted Musings : Java Programming
  • Java Musings : Javanut
  • Java Graphics: Code Snippets, Musings, and Discoveries : Jeremy
  • Chuck Norris Jokes on Java : oVisual

Pinterest : Java Programming Language Bubble

est Java Programming image
Pinterest : Java Programming

Apps, Development & Testing : Java Programming Bubble

Java Apps, Development & Testing bubble icon
Java Apps, Development & Testing


  • Host and Learn About Java libraries and Frameworks : Github
  • Free Java Applications :


  • Universal Toolset for Java Development : Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA — The Best Java and Polyglot IDE : JetBrains
  • A Faster and Smarter way to Code :NetBeans
  • Develop and Deply Java Applications :  JDeveloper Studio
  • Java Development Tools : Google


  • Write Simple Repeatable Tests : JUnit
  • A Thorn in Your Bugs Side : Cactus
  • An Easy to Use Testing Framework : TestNG
  • Stress-Testing Tool for Web-Applications : JCrawler
  • Behaviour-Driven Development : JBelieve

Blogs : Java Programming Language bubble

Blogs Java Programming image
Blogs : Java Programming


Slideshare : Java Programming Language Bubble

Slideshare Java Programming image
Slideshare Java Programming


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