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Unit Testing Programming Bubble

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's Unit Testing programming Language bubble. No matter what your skill level, our Unit Testing bubbles will provide you with a wealth of information to seize your interest and guide your learning experience.


      At Shaw Website Design Group, we hope what we have gathered allows you to float your curiosity and inflate your knowledge about Unit Testing.


Our unit testing bubble holds a wealth of information.
There are many steps you need to take in Unit Testing

Want to Learn About Unit Testing?

   Software testing by definition is the process of evaluating a capability or attribute of a function, program or system and determining if it meets a required end result. The testing procedure itself will provide a reliable estimation of the systems quality assurance, validation and verification. Unfortunately there is a trade-off between reliability testing and the budget and time constraints placed on a project.

   Unit testing is the process where a block of code, usually a method, checks the validity and correctness of another piece of code. The validity of the output must be based on per-assumed values and any deviation from this would create a failed test.

   Unit tests themselves should be descriptively commented, repeatable and automated, simple to implement, simple to execute and fast in nature. The testing should follow an orderly progression in stages as you integrate different dependent modules and the dependency must be tested.

   Between code that no longer supported ‘legacy code’ to features that used to function ‘regression’ it can be a daunting task to design and implement flexible unit tests that still remain valid. Just remember to describe the unit test completely and keep the method short and simple.

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10 Agile Tips : Vimeo
Intro to Unit Testing : Channel 9

Video's : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Video's : Unit Testing Programming image
Video's : Unit Testing
  • Understanding Test Driven Development: Roy Osherove
  • Unit Testing Best Practices : Roy Osherove
  • JUnit 4 Tutorial - Your first Java Unit Test : YouTube
  • Java Refactoring and Designing for Testability - 3 Parts: YouTube
  • Software Testing Tutorial 1 - Why Testing is Important?: YouTube

Websites : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Websites : Unit Testing Programming image
Websites : Unit Testing Programming
  • The art of Unit Testing: Roy Osherove
  • Write Maintainable Unit Tests : MSDN
  • Verifying Code by Using Unit Tests : Microsoft
  • Xcode Coverage : Cocoanetics
  • Building Testable ASP.NET Applications : MSDN
  • Java Unit Testing Fundamentals : DZone

Tutorials : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Tutorials : Unit Testing Programming image
Tutorials : Unit Testing Programming
  • Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js : Meteor
  • Advanced Unit Testing : CodeProject
  • Code Coverage for Regression Tests: CodeProject
  • Beginners Guide to Unit Testing : wptuts

Ebooks and Guides : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : Unit Testing Programming image
Ebooks and Guides : Unit Testing Programming

Assorted Musings : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Assorted Musings : Unit Testing Programming image
Assorted Musings : Unit Testing Programming

Pinterest : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Pinterest : Unit Testing Programming image
Pinterest : Unit Testing Programming

Blogs : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Blogs : Unit Testing Programming image
Blogs : Unit Testing Programming

Apps and Plugins : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

Apps and Plugins Unit Testing Programming image
Apps and Plugins : Unit Testing Programming
  • Java code coverage tool - EclEmma 2.2.1: Eclipse
  • JSCover - tool that measures code coverage for JavaScript: Jithub
  • Instanbul - statement, line, function and branch coverage  : Jithub
  • Unit testing for Java : JUnit
  • Test Drive your Andrioid Code : Robolectric
  • Testing framework for PHP: PHPUnit
  • Testing for .NET: NUnit

SlideShare : Unit Testing Programming Bubble

SlideShare : Unit Testing Programming image
SlideShare : Unit Testing Programming

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