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XHTML and XML Markup Language Bubble

    Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's XHTML and XML programming bubble. If you’re a Pro at XHTML or just beginning to learn XML, we offer wealth of resources to peak your interest in Markup languages. 

You have a wealth of information in our XML, XHTML Markup bubbles.
Learn Using Shaw's XHTML, XML Markup Language Bubbles

     XML provides you with the ability to create an information database without having a database. While it is commonly used in Web applications, you will find many other programs that use XML to pass information efficiently.


    XML is derived from SGML and has no pre-defined tags. You are free to create your own XML tags to organize a custom markup of your XML document so that the content is in a form that meets your requirements.


    To describe the structure of these tags in the xml document, we need to provide a schema. This creates a building block tree structure that defines associations that will help in manipulating or describing the xml tags data or attributes. This data structure must conform to a schema that the receiver of the document understands otherwise it is worthless.


    When the xml is transmitted, a parser on the other end reads and converts the xml into a document object model (DOM) using the xml’s assigned schema. The object created now can be accessed using JavaScript and you will find that most browsers have a built in xml parser.


     Prior to HTML5, numerous problems occurred across cross browser platforms due to HTML's reliance on a lenient HTML-specific parser. This leniency came about due to SGML's growing complexity and non-conforming web browsers such as Internet Explorer. XHTML was introduced to provide a stricter parser that would provide a better cross browser platform support while delivering a mobile profile. While XHTML is still far from perfect, it does provide better cross browser compatibility.


     At Shaw Website Design Group, we hope what we have gathered allows you to float your curiosity and inflate your knowledge about the XHTML and XML Markup Languages.

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XHTML and XML Markup Language Learning Resource Bubble

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Learn XHTML and XML Markup Languages using Resource Bubbles

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Websites XML and XHTML Programming

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Tutorial XML and XHTML Programming

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Pinterest :XHTML & XML Programming Bubble
Pinterest : XHTML & XML Programming

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