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Database Programming Language Bubble

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's Database programming Language bubble. Our Database Resource bubbles are here to help you, no matter your skill level The Database bubbles provide a wealth of information to peak your interest and push forward your learning experience.


      At Shaw Website Design Group, we hope what we have gathered allows you to float your curiosity and inflate your knowledge about Database Programming.


database programming language resource bubbles help you learn about sql and data management
Helping you learn using our database programming language bubbles

   Just about anyone can design and implement a modern database with the right knowledge and tools. The problem is that if the design allows for poor reliability, slow data flow and inconsistent operation is it really useful?


   Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you accept a design full of exploits that allow the data to be stolen?
  • Could you accept a design weak enough to allow for crashes during peak times?
  • Can you tolerate a design that offers contradictory or incorrect data that corrupts the system?


  If you answered 'No' to the above nightmare, your not alone. These problems can be solved by:

  • Keeping your database tools up-to-date.
  • Demanding a solid database design
  • And ensuring that your skill set understands the problems you might face and has a plan to avoid them if possible.


   You must understand your goals first and foremost. Ask yourself again, what the database is going to do; what do you want the database to solve and what might you need in the future. If you have a good grasp on this you’re on your way to successful database programming.


    The following Shaw Website Design Group's, Database Programming Language Resource bubbles have been gathered from around the web and will be periodically updated.


Database Programming Resource Bubbles

Genre : Programming | Location : Calgary | Date : 2013-12-12

Publisher : Shaw Website Design Group


Learn more about Database programming using Resource Bubbles

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SQL Basics for Beginners :Katie & Emil
MySQL Workbench Tutorial : MySQL

Video's : Database Programming Language Bubble

Video's Database Programming
Video's Database Programming
  • Tutorial MySql Workbench (11 Parts): Big Think
  • Stages of Database Development : Brent Ozar ULTD
  • Speed up your Database : Foolabca
  • Oracle Plain Fundementals Explained : Youtube
  • DBMS - The Basic Concept of DBMS Indexing : Youtube
  • DB2 for z/OS Best Practice - Part 1 of 2 : YouTube
  • DB2 is Easy to Learn : Youtube : (Video Lib : db2cai)
  • FileMaker 12:- Create stunning apps for iPad, iPhone : YouTube

Websites : Database Programming Language Bubble

Websites Database Programming image
Websites Database Programming

Tutorials : Database Programming Language Bubble

Tutorials Database Programming image
Tutorials Database Programming

Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : Database Programming Bubble

Ebooks & Guides Database Programming image
Ebooks & Guides Database Programming

Assorted Musings : Database Programming Bubble

Assorted Musings Database Programming Image
Musings Database Programming

Pinterest : Database Programming Bubble

Pinterest Database Programming Image
Pinterest Database Programming
  • Pinterest Database Board : Shawpin

Blogs : Database Programming Bubble

Blogs Database Programming
Blogs Database Programming

App's and Utilites : Database Programming Bubble

Applications and Utilities Database Programming image
Applications and Utilities Database Programming
  • Filemaker Product Line : FileMaker
  • Microsoft SQL Server : Microsoft
  • DB2 database software : IBM
  • Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl : XAMPP
  • The world's most popular open source database : MySQL
  • Oracle Database 12c : Oracle


Cloud Based

  • Web database builder for Cloud databases :
  • Reliable Database-as-a-service for your MySQL apps : Clear DB
  • Cloud Application Platform : Heroku

Training and Certification : Database Programming Bubble

Training and Certification : Database Programming image
Training & Certification Database Programming

Slideshare : Database Programming Bubble

SlideShare : Database Programming image
SlideShare Database Programming


Shaw Website Design Group - Helping stir up you curiosity about Databases.

Take your Time and Learn Database programming one bubble at a time.