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Mobile Web Design Learning Resource Bubbles

      Welcome to Shaw Website Design Group's Mobile Web Design, Learning Resource Bubbles. Here you will find that no matter what your skill level, our Mobile Web Design Resource bubbles will offer you a wealth of resources to seize your interest and guide your learning experience.


     At Shaw Website Design Group, we hope what we have gathered allows you to float your curiosity and inflate your knowledge about Mobile Web Design.

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The mobile Audience is growing


     In the not too distant future, mobile devices will outstrip the demand made by personal computers. Take a look around next time you’re in a public venue. You should notice heads are bowed down, staring into their mobile devices. They could be checking on the latest stat or trend, socializing with a distant friend or simply killing time playing games. It is amazing that such a restrictive platform using limited memory and processing power carries so much weight.


The Challenges in Mobile Design Today


     The biggest challenge for a mobile web designer is in developing mobile sites that take advantage of both older lower-end devices that are limited in memory and features and at the same time offer high-end devices more bang for the buck. Considering that some high-end devices such as the iPhone and iPad are almost as powerful as a PC platform and each possess specific brand features, it can be a daunting task to develop a site that satisfies everyone. The end result is that you are going to have to strike a happy medium due to time and budget restrictions.


   The following Web Design Resources have been gathered from around the web and will be periodically updated.


Shaw Website Design Group Mobile Web Design Learning Resource Bubbles

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Written by | Date : 2013-06-19 | Edu : Programming

Mobile to the future : GoogleTechTalks
Building Mobile Applications : Channel 9

Video's : Mobile Web Design Bubble

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  • User Experience II Mobile trends and responsive design :
  • The 15 Best iOS 6 Tweaks Of 2013 : xXxOmarSanchezxXx
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Websites : Mobile Web Design Bubble

Websites : Mobile Web Design image
Websites : Mobile Web Design

Tutorials : Mobile Web Design Bubble

Tutorials : Mobile Web Design image
Tutorials : Mobile Web Design

Ebooks and Guides (pdf) : Mobile Web Design Bubble

ebooks and guides : Mobile Web Design image
eBooks and Guides : Mobile Web Design

Assorted Musings : Mobile Web Design Bubble

assorted-musing Mobile Web Design-image
Assorted Musings : Mobile Web Design

Pinterest : Mobile Web Design Bubble

Pinterest : Mobile Web Design
Pinterest : Mobile Web Design
  • Infographic Mobile Board : Shawpin

Blogs : Mobile Web Design Bubble

Blogs Mobile web design image
Blogs : Mobile Web Design

Apps and Plugins : Mobile Web Design Bubble

apps and plugins web design image
Apps and Plugins : Mobile Web Design
  • iOS Developer : Apple
  • Windows Phone Development Center : Microsoft
  • Google App Engine : Google
  • Preview Web Designs on Devices : Edge Inspect
  • Create Mobile Apps Using Standardized Web APIs : PhoneGap
  • Write, Integrate and Manage apps across Platforms : RhoMobile
  • Platform built from the ground up for mobile : Appcelerator
  • App Development Made Easy : Mosync
  • Responsive Boilerplate for Mobile : Skeleton


Slideshare : Mobile Web Design Bubble

Slideshare : Mobile Web Design image
Slideshare : Mobile Web Design


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