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Jimdo Contactor Template : Theme F4027Shaw


   Shaw Website Design Group brings you a fantastic website template powered by Jimdo which allows aspiring contractorians, bands, producers and venues to market their contractor, brand name and message. With Shaw Website Design Group's Contractor Website Template you can showcase and sell your contractor online, offer merchandise for sale using your own store-front and announce upcoming tour dates or events.


    Our Jimdo contractor Template provides a perfect fit for individual artists, contractor producers, recording studios, community centers, concert promoters, wedding singers, contractor stores, contractoral tutors and sound and equipment businesses who need a website that provides a contractoral message. Shaw Website Design Group provides you with a great tool to get your message out.


Jimdo Contractor Template Image Gallery : Theme F4027Shaw

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Home or Landing Page - Jimdo Contractor Template

   Bring your Contractor Theme's home page to life with rich images that grab your readers attention, blog posting's that draw readers in and social media buttons that help spread the message. You home page can become a great landing page to attract attention and it is a breeze to change at any time.


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About Page : Jimdo Contractor Template

   Shaw Website Design Group's Contractor Template about page offers you the chance to focus on the message you want to send. Establish your brand name, organization or group’s presence by providing eye catching images, shareable video, crisp audio tracks or provide promotional flyers that stand out.

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Contact Page : Jimdo Contractor Template

   Shaw's Jimdo Contractor Theme would not be complete without a contact page. Using Shaw's template your guests will be provided with a simple to use, easily adjustable form to submit requests or offer comments. They will have access to a quick loading, mobile friendly, map image along with your group or organizations contact information. To top off the experience a rich snippet calling card will be displayed for search engines and customers viewing convenience.

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Blog Page : Jimdo Contractor Template

   You will quickly find out that your Jimdo Contractor Template’s Blog page is your social media sounding board. With a couple of key strokes your able to post new audio tracks, video montages, animated graphics and photos of past events quickly and easily. The real plus is in the fact that your message goes directly out to your social media accounts almost instantaneously. Your Contractor template’s blog page connects with others and helps build your audience.

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Jimdo Contractor Template : Plugins

   Last but not least, your Shaw Website Design Group's Contractor Template would not be complete without plugins that help focus your message. Shaw’s Jimdo Soundcloud plugin provides your webpage with truly rich audio and with Surgefactory’s plugin, your video presentations will truly come to life. Take your message to the next level with Shaw's Contractor Theme's Surgefactory and Soundcloud plugins.

Shaw Jimdo Contractor Template Reviews : Shaw Website Design Group

Shaw Jimdo Music Template

Shaw Jimdo Contractor Template

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$60.00 In stock | Brand : Shaw Website Templates

Designer: Shaw Website Design Group | Model : Jimdo Contractor Template F4027

Product description: A Jimdo Template for bands, recording artists or music lovers. This Contractor template will be developed and synchronized to Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email accounts.

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