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The Casino of Facebook Likes

Odds are your going to have to pay for your facebook likes
The Casino of Facebook Likes - Should you save your money?

   Great article on how Facebook likes are used to scam and twist both Facebook users and viewers. It does makes you wonder just how many likes are real when you visit a Facebook page. Be careful, if you’re thinking of buying likes to boost your own desirability it could be a futile endeavour. Money and a fool are soon parted so they say.


I hope you have fun at the casino, the odds are not stated.


Cnet - How to spot and avoid scams


   Facebook "likes" mean money. Individuals and businesses of all types -- legitimate and otherwise -- use various techniques to persuade you to click that ubiquitous thumbs-up button. Begging for Facebook "likes" has become epidemic. "If I get a million likes I'll be cured of my terminal disease and I'll be able to implement my sure-fire plan for world peace!" "If you don't like this picture you hate your mother, America, and apple pie." Yeah, right. Scammers prey on Facebook users' propensity to respond emotionally by clicking "Like" when an image or plea tugs at their heart strings or piques their ire. Scam sites offer to sell you likes clicked by real-live humans. The buyers intend to convert the clicks into traffic for their Facebook page, which translates to increased ad revenue. Several such sites I visited appear to be owned by the same anonymous party and are registered in Panama.


Our Little Facebook Like Building Experiment.

boostlikes provides a pay by like service
Boostlikes provides likes and followers to your Marketing Campaigns

The Casino of Facebook Likes using Boostlikes

   Boostlikes is a prime example of a business that provides Facebook likes or followers to your marketing pages or PR campaigns. When you pay a fee that starts at $22.00 for Instagram, $27 for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, your provided with an artificial audience bought and paid with a 5 day minimum waiting period .This supposedly establishes credibility with readership because people unfortunately follow trends and not necessarily content. You be the judge, is this morally right and do they actually provide the service with no stated like building end date?

  Shaw Website Design Group is going to try out Boostlikes free Facebook like service to see how it works and how long it takes. Following the instructions on their webpage, we have written this short piece about what they are offering and provided backlinks to their webpages. Let’s now see if and how long it takes for the likes to appear. Observe that if it does work we will be leaving a disclaimer on our Facebook page and linking back here to explain the artificial growth in our like count.

   We will update this page periodically, so if you want see the results, please feel free to view our Google+ page or join us on Twitter. Today's Date is 18/12/2013....stay tuned....

   Update #1 - It is now the 19th of December 2013 , 24 hours later. We have received 280 likes so far. Their claim is for for the next update...

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Checking out how well Boostlinks works at providing likes or followers

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Citation : Dennis O'Reilly - CNET

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