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How Content Drives Search & Social Synergy

   Below is a framework to ensure that content is driving your search and social efforts. This process builds upon search and social content synergies — not only does content drive your search and social activities, but your search and social research helps inform you to build your content plan.

The User

   Understanding the user is paramount to leveraging content as your search and social catalyst. Optimizing for your target audience and for consumers is just as important as optimizing your keywords — a fact sometimes overlooked by search marketers.


Keywords – You & The Competition

   Once you understand the users you are targeting, you can begin to look at a combination of keywords and social trends. Look at your baseline rankings and compare them against those of your competitors in the SERPs. What does their content look like? What content strategies are working for them? Use this to start brainstorming your own content, around which your search and social strategies will be built.


Social Trends & Topics

   The relationship between search and social referrals is growing — understanding the correlation between social sharing and search rankings is essential as marketers use content marketing insights to further integrate social media and SEO strategies.


   Monitor social media for topics relevant to your search keywords. Analyze the content being shared to reinforce what’s working while phasing out what isn’t.

Taking the correlation between search and social into account has proven to work. TinyPrints saw a 47% increase in rankings by integrating its organic search and Twitter strategies based on a clear understanding of this correlation.

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