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Infographic on the Most Popular CMS of 2013

   There are literally hundreds of content management system software applications from which to choose. For anyone working and living online, a content management system will be your best friend. When it comes to online life, we all use content management systems in one way or another: blogging, building websites, maintaining websites, selling products online, marketing and more.


   The refined notion of CMS in the 21st century involves creating a system that can separate the creation of design and content, and then work together to publish these two elements.


   News articles, blogs, operators’ manuals, technical manuals, sales guides and marketing brochures are just a sampling of the kind of content you can manage with a CMS. The content you manage might include computer files, images, media, audio files, video files, electronic documents and web content.


   Here you will find a summary of CMS favorites, how Yellow Bridge's top picks were used, and a breakdown of the top widgets and social media buttons incorporated into the CMS of many pages.


   This info graphic was done by Pittsburgh’s Yellow Bridge Interactive and is a great design, in my opinion.

and this is their website (very nice layout)


Most popular Content Management System of 2013 - Infographic

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