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10 Most Popular Java Based CMS - Video

Welcome to Shaw's list of the 10 Most Popular Java based CMS
10 Most Popular Java Based CMS (Content Management Systems)

   Java Open Source Web Content Management is a great platform for rapidly creating multi-lingual, multi-channel web sites. The platform provides a robust, modern architecture to implement scalability in design. Providing a platform that allows for the use of open standards and rich features, an ideal solution can be created for your large enterprise projects.


   A key feature in these Java based Content Management Systems is in the fact that they do not require a separate administration interface. Using modern GUI's, it becomes much easier to edit material simply by dragging and dropping or using point and click methods. With these tools, it becomes much easier to work with or learn about the Java.


   Here are the 10 most popular Java Content Management Systems taken from several Google+ Groups in early 2013. 




10 Most Popular Java Based CMS - Video | Edu : Java CMS

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Providing information on some of the best Java based CMS platforms

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Number One : Hippo

hippo tops our list at number one
Coming in at number One is Hippo

Hippo Leads Off The List


   Hippo is the Enterprise Java CMS that provides the freedom and flexibility you need to create fantastic marketing magic. It is open source and Java driven which allows you to produce innovative e-Business solutions your marketing campaigns demand.  Hippo offers cloud-ready, scalable architecture, coupled with an flexible development model.


For more information on Hippo, check out Hippo's CMS Website


Number Two : OpenCms

OpenCms comes in at number two on the 10 best java based cms
Coming in at number Two is OpenCms

OpenCms follows close behind Hippo at number Two.


   OpenCms is based on both Java programming and XML scripting languages. It can be confortably deployed into open source environments such as. Linux, Apache, Tomcat or MySQL as well as commercial components such as Windows NT, IIS, Weblogic, BEA and Oracle. Open CMS provides both a browser based user interface as well as an integrated WYSIWYG editor. All the content is controlled using a powerful template engine that enforces site wide W3C standard compliance.


For more information on OpenCms, check out OpenCMS Website.

Number Three : Asbru

Asbru comes in at number Three on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Three is Asbru CMS

Asbru provides the number Three position.


  Asbru is a ready to use, out of the box, full-featured, database-driven web content management system. It provides a full integrated community consisting of database, e-commerce and statistics modules. These features allow you to develop, publish and manage powerful, user-friendly Internet, Extranet and Intranet websites.


   Running on Windows, Linux and UNIX, Asbru is able to tap into MS Access, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases resources. Asbru’s supported programming languages include .NET, ASP, PHP and JSP/Java.


For more information on Asbru, check out their Website.

Number Four: Pulse

Pulse comes in at number Four on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Four is Pulse CMS

Pulse comes in a number Four.


   Pulse is a powerfully simple, Java Based Content Management System designed to be flexible and easy to use. The framework of Pulse resides on top of the Servlet API which provides easy to extend and use patterns for creating browser based websites and applications. Pulse delivers a powerful set of out-of-the-box components such as CMS, shopping and user management modules. The pulse web application framework itself uses a template system for generating HTML-output using the XSLT markup language.


For more information on Java based Pulse, check out their Website.

Number Five: Magnolia

Magnolia comes in at number Five on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Five is Magnolia CMS

Magnolia drives into the center at number Five.


Using a graphical interface for clean, fresh content, Magnolia helps launch your message by providing Spring Frameworks, customized workflows and built in apps that are simple to install and easy to use.


   Magnolia provides template kits that are out of the box, ready to use website layouts. They allow for ready-made functionality that can be adapted to custom designs. The mobility support Magnolia provides allows you to automatically apply variations to your existing layouts. This instantly allows for a mobile friendly presentation of your pages.


For more information on Java based Pulse, check out their Website.

Number Six : Mesh

Mesh comes in at number Six on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Six is Mesh CMS

MeshCMS works at number Six.


  MeshCMS, written in Java, is an easy to use content management system that is file based and does not require a database. MeshCMS is considered a fast tool to edit pages online, manage files and create common components such as menus, breadcrumbs, mailforms and image galleries. It provides a small footprint for the developer and does not require many resources to implement.


For more information on MeshCms, check out their Website.

Number Seven : JadaSite

JadaSite comes in at number Seven on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Seven is JadaSite CMS

Jadasite appears at number Seven.


   Jadasite is an open source e-commerce system that is template based which allows for easy customization using it’s built in template editor. Pages can be indexed by all major search engines and Meta tag customization is provided for all item, content and home pages.


   Featuring compatiblity with multiple payment gateways, Jadasite provides you with the ability to access different currency, shipping and tax structures. You are able to catalog, bundle and attach discount amounts to items while at the same time being search engine friendly. Jadasite is a well-rounded, Java based e-commerce solution.


For more information on Jadasite, check out their Website.

Number Eight : Infoglue

InfoGlue comes in at number Eight on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Eight is InfoGlue CMS

Infoglue holds onto number Eight.


   Infoglue, a multi-user, browser based content management system that uses a dynamic page design to furnish content to the user. Offering continuous deployment of components, Infoglue eliminates the need for redeploys. You are also provided with a simple to use metadata markup tool that allows you to easily define new data types, categories and pages.


   Developers using Infoglue have access to a large library of readymade JSP-tags that  provide for fast template writing. These templates have access to databases including MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle and DB2 that scales well with the user load volume.


For more information on Jadasite, check out their Website.

Number Nine : Apache Lenya

Apache's Lenya comes in at number Nine on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Nine is Apache Lenya CMS

Apache Lenya lives at number Nine.


   Apache Lenya is an Open Source Java/XML Content Management System that allows different sites to share content and logic together. Newly created sites can be cloned quickly and pages in development can modify workflow status, meta data, assets, scheduling, revisions and access control with ease. Lenya works with a browser-based WYSIWYG Editor that validates input against a RELAX NG Schema. Lenya's editor is connected to a customizable workflow engine based on xml markup.


For more information on Apache's Lenya, check out their Website.

Number Ten : Dot.cms

Dot.cms comes in at number 10 on the 10 best Java based CMS
Coming in at number Ten is Dot.cms

Dotcms round out the list at number Ten.


   Dotcms delivers a very responsive, theme based template environment that that automatically adapts your content to fit mobile devices. This includes a remote publishing option that can be set up quickly that supports a variety of publishing architectures.


   Designed from the ground up for scalability, Dotcms relies upon a configurable infrastructure that maintains state across nodes in a cluster. You can open API’s to query, retrieve and write content in real time. Dotcms even provides a remote widget API that works using JavaScript to display the rich content your pages deserve.


For more information on Dotcms, check out their Website.

In Conclusion :

   This concludes the 10 most popular Java based CMS. You will find that Java open source web content management provides a robust, modern architecture that allows you to create and deploy large enterprise projects quickly. With the use of Modern GUI's developed to help ease the burden on a developer, a better work environment is created which benefits everyone.

   As a small bonus, here is video which provides a quick overview of Hippo's GUI interface.


   If you are still interested in Hippo, here are some helpful links.

  • To learn more about how to develop using Hippo, follow the development trail.
  • For an overview of the new features in Hippo 7.7, follow this page.
  • If you want to know about the internal workings of Hippo, go here.

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